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Our Music Performance Teams (MPTs)

The band is divided into Music Performance Teams (MPTs) that specialize in a variety of genres. MPTs are determined by the experience of each bands-person, crafting unique opportunities to share the Army message with everyone.

The 191st Army Band’s MPTs currently consist of the following MPTs:

  • Jazz Band

  • Rock/Pop Band

  • Brass Ensemble

  • Wind Quintet

  • Concert Band

  • Ceremonial Band



Below, find some pictures and links to view some our performances:​





The mission of the 191st Army Band is to provide musical support to troops, instill in our soldiers the will to fight and win, foster the support of our citizens, and promote national interests at all musical missions.


The 191st Army Band was activated on August 2, 1943, and was originally known as the 91st Infantry Division Band. The unit was the amalgamation of the 361st Infantry Regiment Band and 91st Infantry Division's Artillery Band, created as a result of the Army's earlier decision to abolish regimental bands in favor of division-level bands.

The following year it deployed with the rest of the division to Italy where it participated in the Rome-Arno, North Apennines, and Po Valley campaigns. Over the next 60 years it would be periodically deactivated, activated, and re-designated.

In 1962 the pipe band of the U.S. Army's 5th Infantry Division was deactivated and its bagpipers transferred to the Band of the Wild West; the band, today, remains one of the few U.S. military bands with attached bagpipes.

In 2003 the band was mobilized for regular Army service for ten months, making it the only Army Reserve band to be mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. It received the Army Superior Unit Award for its performance during this mobilization.

On October 16, 2008, it assumed its current designation as the 191st Army Band and was placed under the 63rd Readiness Division at Camp Parks.


494 Cromwell Ave, Dublin, CA 94568, USA

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